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Bambola is a Turkish restaurant & cocktail bar located in Chicago’s Fulton Market District that explores the shared cultural heritage of the Silk Road spanning from Asia to Europe.

From Italy to China, passing through Greece, Iran, India, Thailand, and Vietnam, Bambola offers an aesthetic and culinary expedition for guests that wish to explore the mosaic of flavors, colors, and textures that characterize the acclaimed cuisines along the legendary Silk Road. This multicultural exchange, created by merchants centuries ago, is now brought to life in the kitchen of our restaurant and cocktail bar, exploring the shared cultural heritage between the East and the West, using Istanbul as the historical gateway that connects both territories.
Chefs Marcos Campos, Erwin Mallet and Shannah Primiano have traveled along the Silk Road to create a menu inspired by the rich traditions, ancestral techniques, exciting products and flavorsome spices widely exchanged and mastered by Eastern and Western cultures since the 13th century.
Led by industry vanguard Brian Sturgulewski, Bambola’s bar celebrates modern beverages inspired by timeless ingredients from the historic Silk Road. Inspired by the amalgamation of cultures along the trade routes, our creative craft cocktails combine local drinking traditions, global spirits, complementary spices and ingredients. Non-alcoholic drinks have also been a mainstay of the beverage program since day one with spirit-free cocktails that share the same flavorful, colorful and fun originality as our spirit-friendly creations.
Bambola’s wine list transports you to some of the most exciting regions of the planet through the lens of our favorite iconoclastic & natural winemakers of the moment. We aim to tell these winemakers’ stories while gently urging you to explore regions and styles that fall outside of “typical wine” parameters. We believe that these ancient techniques and wine styles incite the adventurer in all of us.

Culture, travel and style are at the heart of everything we do at Bonhomme. Designed by our studio Maison Bonhomme, Bambola is a romantic voyage along the Silk Road as imagined through the travels of a bon vivant and connoisseur where one city, Istanbul — as a historic gateway between East and West, Asia and Europe — is our constant touchstone due to its peerless mix of influences and cultures, textiles and objects, highly decorative details, and a culture of hospitality.
Bambola’s rare, imaginative and jaw-droppingly diverse array of artistic elements is a testament to the crossroads of Eastern and Western civilizations. Bambola is filled with Italy’s finest textiles, furniture by some of the most exciting designers of the 20th and 21st centuries, and Popham Design’s dramatic handmade cement tiles juxtaposed with museum-quality 18th and 19th century antiquities and rare furnishings collected from China, Thailand, Burma, Pakistan and India in collaboration with Doug Van Tress and Chauwarin Tuntisak of The Golden Triangle. Bambola is warmly illuminated with one-of-a-kind chandeliers from the masters of hand-blown glass in Milan and Venice to elevate the standard for restaurant lighting.
To bring Bambola’s colorful, collaged vision to life, Maison Bonhomme collaborated closely with an incredible design team starring Luca Lanzetta Group, Popham Design, Molteni&Co, Viabizzuno, Sogni Di Cristallo, Viccarbe and Antoniolupi. Some of the most dazzling design elements of their extravagantly appointed interiors include handmade cement and zellige tiles by Popham Design; a monumental Coppibartali Light by Viabizzuno; a 40’ dining table by Foster + Partners; handblown glass chandeliers & lamps by Sogni Di Cristallo; dining chairs and cocktail tables by Rodolfo Dordoni; sofas by Yabu Pushelberg; dining tables and chairs by Patricia Urquiola; handmade “Beni” rugs by Soufiane Zarib; and bathroom vanities and taps by Antoniolupi.

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