Pouring wine

Bambola’s wine list, “Message In A Bottle”, transports you to some of the most exciting regions of the planet through the lens of our favorite iconoclastic & natural winemakers of the moment. Created by Michelin’s Sommelier Of The Year, Colin Hofer, we aim to tell these winemakers’ stories while gently urging guests to explore regions and styles that fall outside of “typical wine” parameters by calling attention to expressions like ancestral orange wines aged in Qvreri, Clarets, and Pet Nats. We believe these ancient techniques and wine styles incite the adventurer in all of us. Regionally, Bambola highlights the expansion from the Mediterranean eastward stopping along the Greek Islands, Lebanon, Georgia, Croatia, Cyprus, and beyond, letting your palate set sail through these dynamic and culturally unique winemaking regions. Bambola also features winemakers who dare to be bold and create wines using a balance of ancestral and modern techniques. They share a common respect for the land and a mission of sending a distinct message through every bottle. Award winning winemakers  like Luis Seabra (Portugal) and Rodrigo Mendez (Spain) are featured side by side with the newest generation of natural winemakers like Saša Radikon (Slovenia), Sergio Drago (Sicily) and others who are boldly reviving indigenous grape varietals and reclaiming their regions through sustainable, biodynamic/organic agriculture and minimal intervention winemaking practices. 

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